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2. Causes

Learn how to work with Causes in the smartQED Jira app

In this tutorial video, we show how you can add new causes to the fishbone investigation map in smartQED. You can add sub-causes as well for deeper analysis. All cause and sub-cause addition notifications are automatically pushed to Jira through the smartQED Jira app.

We can assign causes or sub-causes to different members of the problem-solving team, and specify due dates along with other details. These activities too get pushed as notifications in Jira.

The smartQED Jira App provides integration of the smartQED product with the popular Jira tool for issue tracking, with updates made in smartQED problems being pushed in real time into corresponding Jira issues. Now you can use smartQED with Jira seamlessly!

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smartQED is a visual AI-powered workspace for faster collaboration on incident / problem analysis, with integrated recommendations. The visual Investigation Maps enable team to be on the same page easily, and powerful templates and ML recommendations help jumpstart new problem investigations.

Benefits include up to 50% lower MTTR, 30% or higher productivity, helping to raise the quality and reliability of your products and services.

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