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1. Getting started

Get started with the smartQED Jira app

In this tutorial video, we show you the steps to get started with the smartQED Jira App. Learn how to open a new problem in smartQED via Jira.

This app allows us to establish a bridge between smartQED and Jira, whereby problem solving operations on smartQED are pushed to Jira so that Jira remains the single source of truth. When we create a new issue on Jira, the app creates a new problem in smartQED. All operations on the new problem in smartQED are visible as notifications in Jira.

For a 10 minute demo of smartQED features and benefits, see

smartQED is a visual workspace for rapid collaboration on incident / problem analysis, with integrated AI-powered recommendations. It helps Support and Incident Response teams resolve issues much faster through the combined power of visual collaboration and augmented intelligence.

Benefits include up to 50% lower MTTR, 30% or higher productivity, and more efficient operations.

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