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4. Template Creation

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Step by Step Guide – Creating & Using QED Templates

Fishbone templates are predefined Fishbone cause analysis maps which you can re-use in any specific problem to jumpstart your investigation. These Fishbone templates can be exported from any cause, and then imported into any cause in the Fishbone map.

Step 1 – Exporting an Existing Fishbone as a Template

Right click on any cause and select Export as Template.

Alternatively you can click on the fishbone icon in the fishbone screen that offers More Fishbone Options. Select Export As QED Template to export the Fishbone as template.

A window with a form to enter the Template Details appears.

Step 2 – Setting the Template Details

Enter template name and description and click on Save.

This will create a Fishbone template with the selected cause as the head.

Step 3 – Importing the Template

a)  Importing to replace the entire Fishbone

i)  Click on Fishbone icon to replace it entirely. Select Browse QED Template from the pop-up menu. This feature is only available to the admin.

Template List window is displayed as shown below.

ii)    Click on Import

It opens the Template Import Confirmation window as shown below.

iii)   Select the check boxes that you want to import and click on OK button.

The template will be imported and the previous fishbone will be replaced by the new one.

b) Importing a Template under Any Cause

i)  Right click on any cause and select New Sub-cause from Template to import a specific template under the selected cause.

ii) Follow the steps as described above in step 3(a) (ii) and 3(a) (iii).

After the import the template will be added under the selected cause as shown below.

Here head cause Backup Problem is selected and MySQL Slow Template is imported the under the head cause.

Thetemplate MySQL Slow is added as a first level cause with sub-causes.

iii) Follow all the steps of 3a (ii) & 3a (iii) to import the template as a new sub-cause under the selected cause Encryption issue as shown below.

After the import, the template is added under first level cause as shown below.

Here First level cause Encryption issue is selected and MySQL Slow Template is imported under it.

The problem MySQL Slow is added as a second level nested head cause. You can click on the folder icon next to it to drill down to the sub-causes of the template.

To watch the video tutorial on this click here.


Hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. Visit our website at to get our latest news and blogs.

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