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Framework – 8P Framework for Marketing

8P consists of eight interconnected elements that influence the marketing

8P Framework for Marketing Template

The 8P Framework for Marketing is a model that helps businesses in many ways to make it better. It helps us understand and improve different parts of our company so we can succeed and keep growing. The 8P Framework has eight vital areas that are key to our business strategy.

8P Framework for Marketing


  • Performance refers to the overall quality, reliability, and functionality of the product or service. It involves continuously assessing customer satisfaction, gathering feedback, and identifying areas for improvement. By setting performance goals and benchmarks, businesses can monitor progress and ensure continuous enhancement.

Physical Evidence

  • Physical evidence comprises tangible elements that support the product or service. This includes packaging, branding, signage, and other physical assets that represent the brand. Designing visually appealing and consistent physical evidence helps create a positive impression and enhances the overall customer experience.


  • The process involves analyzing and optimizing the various steps involved in delivering the product or service. This includes streamlining production, distribution, and delivery processes to maximize efficiency and minimize errors. Implementing effective customer service processes ensures prompt handling of inquiries, complaints, and after-sales support.


  • People play a vital role in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Hiring, training, and empowering employees who embody the brand’s values are crucial. Ongoing training and development programs enhance their skills and product knowledge. Building a customer-centric organizational culture fosters teamwork and a focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Promotion encompasses strategies to raise awareness and generate demand for the product or service. It involves utilizing various marketing channels such as advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and social media. By creating compelling marketing messages that highlight unique selling propositions and benefits, businesses can effectively reach their target audience.


  • The product itself is a key element. It involves continuously assessing and improving its features, design, and functionality. Market research helps understand customer needs and preferences, enabling businesses to incorporate feedback into product development. By differentiating the product from competitors through unique features, superior quality, or additional value, businesses can stand out in the market.


  • Place refers to determining the most suitable distribution channels and locations to make the product or service easily accessible to the target market. It involves considering physical retail outlets, online platforms, and partnerships with distributors or resellers. Ensuring a seamless and convenient customer experience across all touchpoints is crucial, whether in-store or online.


  • Price setting involves considering factors such as cost, value, market demand, and competition. Businesses must determine pricing strategies and models, such as cost-based pricing, value-based pricing, or dynamic pricing. Regular evaluation of pricing strategies helps ensure competitiveness and profitability in the market.

The 8P Framework for Marketing is a complete and organized way to make our business excellent. We use this model to be successful, have an advantage over our competitors, and bring value to our customers. We evaluate, improve, and innovate to achieve our long-term vision and keep growing sustainably.

Who should use the 8P Framework for Marketing template?

  • Anyone interested in the different aspects that contribute to the successful operation and growth of a business.

Why use this template?

  • This fishbone helps us understand how the 8P Framework works and analyzes the different components of a business or an organization.
  • Anyone can modify the template in the smartQED environment while investigating the underlying reasons for a problem.
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