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Healthcare – Lengthy Scan Times

Analysis of the causes for long MRI scan time

Fishbone template lengthy Scan Times

Lengthy scan time during a functional MR imaging examination tries our patience to the extreme level. This type of diagnostic procedure is a complex method that involves joint efforts of the healthcare individuals. The process demands detailed planning, preparation and monitoring of the task. Protocols followed are sometimes too specific, depending on the needs of the patients. The quality improvement of this diagnostic method is only possible by decreasing report turnaround times, decreasing wait times, and eliminating unnecessary steps in a workflow. We performed a root-cause analysis using a cause-and-effect diagram to visualize factors contributing to lengthy functional MR imaging acquisition times.

Lengthy Scan Times
Equipment issues

  •         Equipment failure
  •         Inadequate equipment
  •         Outdated/ obsolete equipment
  •         Improper maintenance
  •         Software glitches

  Staff issues

  •         Language barrier
  •         Inadequate skills/ training
  •         Overworked staff
  •         Staff shortage

Process issues

  •         Lengthy protocols
  •         Unnecessary sequences
  •         Inconsistent measurements/ monitoring

  Environment issues

  •         Inadequate lighting/ ventilation
  •         Cramped work-space

This fishbone is a sample root cause analysis that provides an assistance in understanding the usage of Ishikawa diagram. We have followed some protocols while organizing the different causes of lengthy scan time.

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  • We invite all newcomers and interested persons to collaborate in our workspace with a variety of fishbone templates for many problems . It is helpful for anyone who wishes to learn the reasons for Lengthy Scan Time.

Why use this template?

  • Shares knowledge  about the potential factors that make the MR imaging method lengthy.
  • Alter the fishbone uniquely for the cause analysis of other problems or incidents.
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